Can You Be Evicted For Having A Messy House?

Online Questions & AnswersCan You Be Evicted For Having A Messy House?
Nimra Balouch asked 3 years ago
My question is about your recent article about tenant and landlord.

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Shahzaib Abdullah Shahzaib answered 3 years ago
No, you cannot be evicted for a messy house however under the following reasons you or the tenant can be evicted:
The tenancy period has expired.
The tenant fails to pay the rent.
A tenancy agreement is breached.
Using the premises for purposes that otherwise are not allowed by the landlord. 
Breaking any tenancy conditions.
Material damage to the property.
Taking part in activities that are causing a nuisance to the neighbours.
Reconstruction or renovation of the property by the landlord. 
The tenant has sub-let the property without the landlord’s permission.
The landlord dies or retires.