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Bilal Naveed asked 2 years ago
Dear Lawyer,
I am currently searching for the minimum Gratuity maturing period as per Labor Law of Pakistan.
My question is to to confirm that if I have worked 10 month in a company in corporate sector, would I be able to claim my Gratuity from HR?? 
Also, if possible, can you pls share the Screenshot of Labor Law guidelines regarding Six month maturing.
I have read articles mentioning :

  • Any period of employment that exceeds six months is considered one year for the purpose of calculating gratuity payments. (
  • Gratuity is one of three prevalent retirement benefits in the private sector employment. The other two are “Pensions (approved Pensions Fund) and Provident Fund”. It is a “lump-sum” amount of money payable to a worker on leaving service (through retirement, death or termination of service) based on salary (highest or the final salary) and period of service (over and above six months). (

Appreciate your help in this regards.

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Attorney Staff answered 2 years ago

In accordance with the provisions of law, rate of gratuity is “thirty (30) days wages for every completed year of service or any period in excess of six months”. Any employment period exceeding six months will be considered as one year. Originally, gratuity was set at 15 days’ wages for every completed year of service. If you need more info about this please contact with any labor advocate in our website section (Lawyers List) and pay minimal fees for legal opinion.