How to file a case in consumer court?

Online Questions & AnswersHow to file a case in consumer court?
SHERAZ asked 3 years ago
2 months ago, I got hair replacement from a renowned brand. They did not explain the types of hair replacement, but they only told that they have 3 price ranges. I got one of them but it has some defects. I asked them about the defect but they said after 1st service we’ll solve the issue. But they did not do anything. And the hair replacement patch is also not of the quality upto the mark.
Please suggest what Can I do now? Can I file a complaint in consumer court, if yes what is the procedure?

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Shahzaib Abdullah Shahzaib answered 2 years ago
If you have all the documents, receipts, and terms and conditions, then yes according to your case you can file suit against them, if you need any consumer laws advocate please visit (Lawyers List)