Speed breaker on public roads made by unknown is legal or illegal?

Online Questions & AnswersSpeed breaker on public roads made by unknown is legal or illegal?
Nabeel Hussain Syed asked 4 months ago
Speed breaker on public roads made by unknown is legal or illegal? how to remove it what legal action can be taken?

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Attorney Staff answered 4 months ago
In Pakistan, the construction of speed breakers on public roads without proper authorization is illegal and constitutes a violation of traffic laws and regulations. Whether the speed breaker was made by an unknown individual or entity, it is still considered illegal if it has not been approved by the relevant authorities.
Here are steps to remove illegal speed breakers and potential legal actions that can be taken:
1. **Identification and Documentation**: Identify the location of the illegal speed breaker and document its presence. Take photographs and gather any other relevant evidence, such as witness statements or records of accidents or damage caused by the speed breaker.
2. **Notification to Authorities**: Report the presence of the illegal speed breaker to the appropriate authorities, such as the local traffic police department or municipal authorities. Provide them with detailed information about the location of the speed breaker and any evidence you have gathered.
3. **Request Removal**: Request that the authorities take action to remove the illegal speed breaker. They may conduct inspections and assessments to verify the presence of the speed breaker and determine the appropriate course of action for its removal.
4. **Legal Action**: If the authorities fail to take action to remove the illegal speed breaker, legal recourse may be pursued. This could involve filing a complaint with higher-level authorities, such as the district administration or relevant government departments responsible for road infrastructure and traffic management.
5. **Community Advocacy**: Engage with local community members, civil society organizations, and advocacy groups to raise awareness about the issue of illegal speed breakers and advocate for their removal. Collective efforts and public pressure can help encourage authorities to take action.
6. **Seek Legal Advice**: If necessary, seek legal advice from us at whatsapp +923362418786 we are specializing in traffic laws and road infrastructure. We can assist in taking appropriate action, such as filing petitions or initiating legal proceedings.
Removing illegal speed breakers from public roads in Pakistan may require persistence and coordination among various stakeholders, including government authorities, law enforcement agencies, and the local community. It’s essential to follow the proper channels and procedures while addressing the issue to ensure compliance with the law and promote road safety.