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Rizwan Ali asked 5 months ago
Agent visa k lie paise le kar na visa de rha or na paise khud gaib ho gya howa ha ab mujhe qanooni tor pa kya krna chaie?

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Attorney Staff answered 4 months ago
If you’ve been a victim of visa agent fraud in Pakistan, you can take the following steps to report the fraud:
1. **Contact Federal Investigation Agency (FIA)**: The FIA is responsible for investigating various crimes, including fraud. You can visit the nearest FIA office or contact them through their helpline to report the visa agent fraud. Provide them with detailed information about the fraud, including any evidence you have, such as communication with the fraudulent visa agent, payment receipts, and documentation related to the visa application.
2. **File a Complaint with the Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE)**: If you suspect that the visa agent engaged in corrupt practices, such as bribery or influence peddling, you can file a complaint with the Anti-Corruption Establishment. They investigate corruption-related offenses in Pakistan.
3. **Contact the Ministry of Interior**: The Ministry of Interior oversees visa and immigration matters in Pakistan. You can file a complaint with the ministry if you believe that the visa agent’s actions have violated any laws or regulations related to visas and immigration.
4. **Seek Legal Assistance**: Consider consulting with a lawyer who specializes in fraud and immigration law. They can provide you with legal advice and assistance in pursuing legal action against the fraudulent visa agent. (in this regard whatsapp at +923362418786)
5. **Report to Consumer Protection Authorities**: If the visa agent operates as a business entity, you can report the fraud to the relevant consumer protection authorities in Pakistan. They may be able to take regulatory action against the fraudulent business and help prevent future fraud.
6. **Inform Embassy or Consulate**: If the visa application was for travel to another country, you can also inform the embassy or consulate of that country in Pakistan about the fraudulent activity. They may provide assistance or guidance on how to proceed.
When reporting visa agent fraud, it’s essential to provide as much detail and evidence as possible to the authorities to aid in their investigation. Additionally, staying vigilant and conducting thorough research before engaging with visa agents can help prevent falling victim to fraud in the future.