How to Enroll as an Advocate in Sindh Bar Council?

To enroll as an advocate in the Sindh Bar Council, you must follow the steps and requirements set out in the Legal Practitioners and Bar Councils Act, 1973, and the Sindh Bar Council Rules.

Here are the general steps to enroll as an advocate in the Sindh Bar Council:

  • Obtain a Law degree: First, you must obtain a law degree from a recognized university or institution. A Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) degree is required to practice law in Pakistan.
  • Complete a professional training course: After completing your law degree, you must complete a professional training course. The Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) offers a six-month mandatory training program, which includes classroom lectures and practical training in legal drafting, advocacy, and court procedures.
  • Obtain a Certificate of Practice: Once you have completed the training program, you must obtain a Certificate of Practice from the Sindh Bar Council. To obtain the Certificate of Practice, you must submit an application to the Sindh Bar Council along with the required documents and fees.
  • Law Graduate Assessment Test: After completing internship training of six months or within this time you have to clear Law Gat (Law Graduate Assessment Test) with minimum 50% marks, which is offered by Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan.
  • Bar Vocational Course & Training: After completing LLB Degree, Law GAT and Six Months Internship Program, you have you attend and pass the Bar Vocational Course (BVC) for 2 weeks, which is offers by Sindh Bar Council & Sindh Judicial Academy.
  • Written and Viva-Voce Bar Test: Once you completed above mentioned points then Bar council will call you for bar exam which is viva-voce and written test then after interview the committee will issue the certificate of legal practice in Sindh.
  • Register with Bar Association: After getting certificate of practice by SBC, you must register as an advocate with your relevant Bar Associations in Sindh by submitting an application along with the required documents and fees.
  • Take the oath: Once your application is approved, you must take the oath of an advocate in front of a judge or a senior advocate. After taking the oath, you will be enrolled as an advocate in the Sindh Bar Council.

The following documents are required to enroll as an advocate in the Sindh Bar Council:

  • Certified copies of your educational certificates
  • Character certificate issued by a magistrate or an officer of the government
  • Certificate of practice issued by the Pakistan Bar Council
  • Three passport size photographs
  • A copy of your national identity card or passport
  • Receipt of the application fee

It is important to note that there may be additional requirements or procedures specific to your case, and it is advisable to consult the Sindh Bar Council Rules and seek legal guidance to ensure that you have met all the requirements and have submitted all the required documents.

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