What is Legal Research in Pakistan?

The Federal Laws of Pakistan are published by the Government in a document called the Gazette of Pakistan.

The well-known law reporters, like the Pakistan Legal Decisions (PLD) and the Pakistan Law Journal (PLJ), also contain the statutes in their statutes sections.

The major compilation for statutes, however, is the Pakistan Code. The current code is spread over twenty-one (21) volumes dating from the year 1836 C.E. Volume twenty-one, the last published volume contains the laws made up to the year 1988. Code volumes for the years after 1988 are yet to be published and made available.

The Ministry of Justice, Law and Parliamentary affairs do publish individual Acts when these are updated in the light of amendments, but this is done through the Official Gazette.

This means that the published Code may not contain the updated law, and for the updated version one has to wait for the new edition of the Code. The latest versions of the laws are available from the government documents (Official Gazette) outlets and bookstores.

The Acts sold by the bookstores are usually, but not always, the exact copies of the laws published officially. Thus, in many cases, the Acts available from the market do not contain the official notes added by the Ministry.


Judgments of the superior courts are reported in journals published by:


All Pakistan Legal Decisions

35-Nabha Road, Lahore

Phone: +9242-7356228

Fax: +9242-7238113

Email: PLD@brain.net.pk


The largest supplier of law books in Pakistan is:


Pakistan Law House

Pakistan Chowk, GPO No. 90, Karachi

Phone: +9221-2639558

Fax: 2627549


The Sindh Balochistan Law Reports are published by:


United Law Agency

8/29 Arkay Square, Shahrah-e-Liaquat, New Challi, Karachi

Phone: +9221-2431696

Fax: +9221-2423192

Email: alhouse@cyber.net.pk


The Pakistan Law Journal is published by:


Pakistan Law Journal

9 Fane Road, Lahore

Phone: +9242-7237334

Email: pakistanlawjournal@yahoo.com

Url: www.pbbarcouncil.com


A good publisher for company and tax law books is:


S.A. Salam Publications

Salam Chambers, 22-Link McLeod Road, Lahore

Phone: +9242-7359405

Fax: +9221-7226953

Email: lhr@sasalam.com.pk

Url: www.sasalam.com.pk

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