Remand in Pakistani Law?

According to section 344 Power to postpone or adjourn proceedings.

(1) If from the absence of a witness or any other reasonable cause, it becomes necessary or advisable to postpone the commencement of or adjourn any inquiry or trial, the Court may, if it thinks fit, by order in writing, stating the reasons therefore from time to time, postpone or adjourn the same on such terms as it thinks fit, for such time as it considers reasonable, and may by a warrant remand the accused if in custody.

No Magistrate shall remand an accused person to custody under this section for a term exceeding fifteen days at a time.

(2) Every order made under this section by a Court other than a High Court shall be in writing signed by
the Presiding Judge or Magistrate.

Explanation. Reasonable cause for remand. If sufficient evidence has been obtained to raise a suspicion
that the accused may have committed an offence, and it appears likely that further evidence maybe
obtained by a remand, this is a reasonable cause for a remand.


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